Learning Circle Forums through the Web Crossing



Go to the IEARN FORUMS: http://foro.iearn.org


Follow these instructions:

Click on "register as I*EARN member"

On the Registration Page (only have to do this once)

Account: iearn-xxxxxx (your iearn school account name)

Password: XXXXXX (your iearn school password)

User Name: Margaret Riel (your name instead of mine)

E-mail: mriel@us.iearn.org (your email instead of mine)

The next time you go to the Forums http://foro.iearn.org, simply log on:

User Name: Margaret Riel (use your name instead of mine)

Password: XXXXXX (iearn assigned password)

Once you log in, either select the learning circle option (takes you to the learning circle page)and then Learning Circle Discussions or click on the bar that says "Alphabetical list of All I*EARN Forums" and then you will see the circles listed with all of the Iearn conferences. The nice part about the conferencing structure is that you can respond to messages and they stay grouped together. For example, if you replied to the classroom survey, all of the surveys would be listed together in the same conference thread at the beginning of the session even if they were done at different times by different groups.