TUNISIA: Water Consumption And Public Consciousnes

Besma Maraoui

E- mail: b_maraoui@yahoo.fr

Bekalta Secondary School

Levels: 2nd Sec./ 3rd Maths


Project idea


A questionnaire

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Sample 2

Sample 3


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Occupation: a housewife
Age: 44
Gender:  female

1-     Do you have economic taps in your house?
- No, I donít.

2-     Do you think using economic taps helps in saving water?
- I think they are a good way to preserve water.

3-     How much money a month do you pay for the water bill?
- Between 20 and 30 dinars and more than this in summer.

4-     Do you think desalination of sea water is a good solution to the problem of water scarcity?
- Yes. But itís expensive.

5-     Do you think swimming pools are necessary in hotels?
- Yes, many people go to hotels just to enjoy the swimming pools.

6-     Do you think of water preserving in your daily use?
- Yes, because water is a limited resource and without it there is no life.

7-     Would you think of preserving water if it were free?
- I think people must feel responsible in all their uses of water .

8-     How do you react when you see a TV spot encouraging water saving?
- I enjoy it.

9-     Do you have a garden? When do you water it?
- Yes, I have a garden. I sometimes water it in the morning.

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