TUNISIA: Water Consumption And Public Consciousnes

Besma Maraoui

E- mail: b_maraoui@yahoo.fr

Bekalta Secondary School

Levels: 2nd Sec./ 3rd Maths


Project idea


A questionnaire

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3


Drawing 1

Drawing 2

Drawing 3



Seeing that students at school do not pay attention to saving water and that they consume much more than what they need, Seeing that some students even neglect to turn off the taps and waste water carelessly, Some of the          acute students raised the issue of water cosumption and public consciousness . They thought of observing this on a larger scale by taking     out the issue into society. They discussed the issue thoroughly and raised     many points of interest. Finally, they came out with the following questions:    

1- What are the different sources of water in your country?
2- Are they enough to supply all the needs?(drinking / cleaning / agriculture / industry / tourism)
3- Does scarcity affect the quality of water?
4- Are people aware of the importance of saving water?
5- What efforts are done by authorities to reduce water consumption?
6- Are there any pilot experiments to preserve or use already consumed water?

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