In our area wedding ceremony is an activity which took place when there is a mutual consent between a man and a woman who agreed to become husband and wife. The marriage contract must be witnessed by certain male witnesses in front of the guardian of the wife and that of the husband.
It is normally conducted in a Mosque or outside the house of the guardian of the bride.
People especially friends and relatives gathered in that place in order to witness the marriage contract. Cola notes were distributed during the wedding ceremony and then prayers were offered for the successful marriage life of the couple. Then people depart to their activities.

Women both young and old gathered in the bride ës parent house to celebrate the marriage ceremony, different types of food were brought by friends and relatives to the brideís house.
Then in the night the bride would be escorted to the bridegroomís house by her friends and relatives.
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In our area when a person is dead , people will be shocked and with grief especially those that are close to the deceased i.e friends and relatives .Immediately the death is known/ascertained ,close relations ,friends, Muslim brothers and sisters will converge to the deceased ës house for preparations of his burial . No much time is wasted ,immediately the death has been confirmed the preparations begun.
The deceased body will be washed by his relations according to Islamic rites, then a white wrapper will be used to cover the whole of his body.
Then he/she will be put into a traditional stretcher and will be taken out from his/her home for the funeral prayer. The Imam and rest of the Muslims will put the dead body in front of them and start the prayer which is purposely for seeking forgiveness to the deceased.
After the prayer ,the corpse will be taken on shoulders and on feet to the grave yard where the dead body will be laid down in his/her grave. The grave will be covered with broken pots and wet sand and elevated up a little for identification. No cement is required and no any expenses is required in digging the grave but only volunteers who were given incentives if so wish as charity.
After the burial , prayers were again offered in the grave yard and in the deceased house after returning back. Friends and relatives will stay at the deceased house for at least three days receiving condolences from people.
The burial of a deceased took place on the day in which the person has passed away, unless it happened in the night.
NB: Friends and relations will be In grief and sorrow during a burial ,up to the end of the burial, so it is not easy to snap or record a video at that time, and our custom did not support that. We have tried much to do so but we are unable to do so.